Everyone’s approach to fitness is different.

Your skills, health level, ability and an idea of what makes for a great wheelchair workout is different from the next person. What an elite athlete requires is totally different to someone starting out on their fitness journey.

Enter Briometrix, a Tracker and App specifically designed to track wheelchair fitness activities and workouts. Using innovative technology Briometrix can make sense of all the movements required to drive a wheelchair through the different environments you encounter every day. Our technology analyses your propulsion, your effort and the effect of impedances faced in your daily travels.

Briometrix App: start tracking your basic moves

To get a taste of what the Tracker can deliver you can start with the Briometrix App which allows you to:

Start with essential measures
Easy to read charts and graphs make using Briometrix simple.

Connect with family and friends
Share progress in real time and challenge each other.

Build your fitness
Set goals, view your progress and review your workouts.

Spur on your competitive spirit with the leader board.

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“After working with the Briometrix Team, I really hope the Brio Pilot App and Tracker will motivate more people to get active and be healthier. I look forward to using Briometrix for tracking my sport and fitness activities, and also in coaching my junior and elite athletes. Awesome to see such valuable work and innovations for people with disabilities in the community.”

Louise Sauvage, Paralympic Gold medalist and Boston Marathon winner


“I think it is awesome that I will be able to track my fitness, progress and every related metric. The fact Briometrix tracks all our moves is what really impresses me.”

Jason Parker, Keep Pushing Company, Sydney Australia


“As a researcher who investigates persons with mobility limitations, I firmly believe in the solutions and services proposed by Briometrix. The technologies proposed by Briometrix offer an unobtrusive, intuitive means of physical activity and technique feedback to wheelchair users of all ages, abilities and skill levels.”

Ian Rice, PhD, MS OT & Paralympian


In addition to the fitness tracking and data, the unique Navability software tracks your movement in the landscape, turning every wheelchair into a scout for information. That information translates into accessible maps that can be used by other Briometrix users everywhere and for the future design and planning of more inclusive cities.