BrioGo is a fitness app specifically designed for people using a manual wheelchair.

Track and analyse essential fitness or deep dive into advanced measures.
Being aware of how your body responds and moves puts you in charge of your fitness journey.
Develop healthier habits, protect against injury and discover your personal best.

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BrioGo: make every move count

FREE APP for iPhone and Android
Turning your smartphone into a sophiscated wheelchair activity tracker

Start with essential measures
Rolling time, distance, calories, speed and effort

Track individual sessions
Performance statistics and route map for every session

Build new habits
Review your movement history per week, per month

Access is FREE

Your data starts great conversations

Share your data with your clinician, coach or mentor

Discover more together with data about your movement and fitness.

Design programs, understand equipment needs and celebrate progress

BrioGoX : performance analytics

BrioGoX performance mode takes 100 measurements per second to bring you high precision analysis and insights.

Perfect your technique
Advanced measures: power, effort and strokes
Advanced Stroke Analysis: see how efficient your stroke is under different conditions
Insights for clinicians and coaches for performance analysis and injury prevention

Activate your competitive spirit
Set new goals for yourself or versus friends. Chase new personal bests!

Access is by Subscription

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BrioGo Routes

Enjoy going somewhere new

Whether you’re just taking a “fresh air” break, or on a serious fitness workout, create and save your favourite routes

With your permission, share routes with friends to help them discover new places

Discover routes created anonymously by fellow wheelies

BrioGo is not a ‘one size fits all’ app

It’s designed to fit your uniqueness

Multiple Wheelchair profiles
Add specifications for your different day, sports, racer chairs, your handcycle, and power assist accessories

Personal profile
Personal data such as height & weight means data analysis and reporting is both accurate and current. Note, we have the strongest privacy protection measures – see our Privacy Policy

Activity profiles
Each movement activity is recorded with your current chair or equipment

Want to discover more about yourself and feel awesome?


“After working with the Briometrix Team, I really hope the Brio Pilot App and Tracker will motivate more people to get active and be healthier. I look forward to using Briometrix for tracking my sport and fitness activities, and also in coaching my junior and elite athletes. Awesome to see such valuable work and innovations for people with disabilities in the community.” .....Louise Sauvage, Paralympic Gold medalist and Boston Marathon winner


“I think it is awesome that I will be able to track my fitness, progress and every related metric. The fact Briometrix tracks all our moves is what really impresses me.” .....Jason Parker, Keep Pushing Company, Sydney Australia


“As a researcher who investigates persons with mobility limitations, I firmly believe in the solutions and services proposed by Briometrix. The technologies proposed by Briometrix offer an unobtrusive, intuitive means of physical activity and technique feedback to wheelchair users of all ages, abilities and skill levels.” .....Ian Rice, PhD, MS OT & Paralympian