Briometrix/IndyGo partnership

IndyGO Green Bus Route: Indianapolis, Indiana

Briometrix/IndyGo partnership

Indianapolis Public Transportation Corporation (IndyGo) is partnering with Briometrix as part of its commitment to exploring different ways of providing transportation services in the Indianapolis area.


IndyGo Purple Line Project

As part of the $155 million IndyGo Purple Line project, $95 million is being invested in upgraded city infrastructure. Briometrix’ role is to survey the accessibility of approximately 50 miles of existing pathways near future Purple Line stations. Undertaken in September 2020, our survey focuses on sidewalks in surrounding travel “catchment areas” leading to 14 of the route’s 31 bus stations.


Wheelchair Survey in Action

Brandon Somerville, Briometrix Field Engineer

Brandon Somerville, Briometrix Field Engineer

See local TV news stories from Indianapolis this week (25-Sept-20), covering our Wheelchair Pilot survey team in action.
The stories include interviews with Brandon Somerville, our Field Engineer and Faith Chadwick, IndyGo’s Public Information Officer.

WISH-TV News Story
13-WTHR’s report





Big Benefits for Locals

IndyGO Green Bus Route: Indianapolis, Indiana

IndyGO Green Bus Route: Indianapolis, Indiana (Photo: IndyGO)

When the Purple Line opens in 2023, IndyGo’s buses will operate at a 10-minute frequency along the 15 mile route, enabling walking-distance access to more than 134,000 local jobs for bus users.

Local Indianapolis Wheelchair Users (“Wheelchair Pilots”) were hired and trained by Briometrix to undertake the sidewalk survey activities. The pilots’ wheelchairs were equipped with Briometrix’ specialised data capture technology, video camera and smart phone. As their wheelchair passed over the sidewalks, curb ramps and intersections, the technology detected, recorded and analyzed the forces around the wheelchair while the Pilots themselves added observations into the survey database about sidewalk surface conditions and any potential hazards that needed to be rectified.

See IndyGo’s WishTV story about Wheelchair Pilots


Color-Coded Effort Map

On completion, the project will deliver an online color-coded map showing level of difficulty to traverse the route, which will be especially beneficial for people with limited mobility or using a wheelchair. Using clickable icons to show effort ratings, sidewalk curb ramps and surface conditions, the Effort Map will demonstrate how accessible the journey is to and from transit stations in the area – a benefit for all sidewalk users including families with strollers, the elderly, cyclists and scooter riders along with wheelchair users.

About IndyGo

IndyGo, the Indianapolis Public Transportation Corporation, is committed to connecting the community to economic and cultural opportunities through safe, reliable, and accessible mobility experiences.

About the IndyGo Purple Line Project

The overall project budget for the Purple Line project is estimated at $155 million. More than half of the overall budget, about $95 million, is projected to go to infrastructure improvements throughout the 15.2 mile Purple Line route.

These infrastructure projects will be transformative for the corridor, including new pavement, new or repaired sidewalk, a new multi-use path for pedestrians and bicyclists, and new traffic signals and ADA compliant curb ramps. The Purple Line project will also create an opportunity for IndyGo, the Indianapolis Department of Public Works, and local utility providers to coordinate and deliver an improved drainage solution for the area. (Source: IndyGo)

Navability® – “Independence and full life is a right for all”

Navability® encompasses Briometrix Effort Maps and an ecosystem of hardware technology and software applications that is used by our teams of Pilots to create the maps. Briometrix key goal is that people with limited mobility will gain the confidence to go anywhere that ambulent people can go, enjoying life to the fullest.

Navability® is a Registered Trade Mark of Briometrix Pty Limited

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