Accessible navigation

Briometrix Navability understands the complexities of wheelchair navigation for both power and manual wheelchair users.

Any wheelchair user knows how problematic using footpaths can be with barriers in the shape of kerbs, steps, dips, culverts and surfaces in bad repair.  Add the impact of gradient and cross slopes and you have a picture of the effort required to travel the path.

Enter Navability: our Navability algorithms use the wheelchairs manoeuvrability, the environment (gradient, surface and obstacles) and the user’s propulsion ability to calculate the best route through the landscape.

This is our mission of Brio technology – everyone should be able to experience the joy of going somewhere new.

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If you don’t understand ability– you cannot create accessibility

Your individual effort radar

Navability calculates your personal travel and fitness data, in tandem with the paths and environment ahead, to provide your individual analysis.

Every Navability map and/or path reflects your travel ability and effort as a distinct colour. That way, you always know how a path will affect you so you can make an informed decision where you will travel.

Your destination

Navability will select paths to keep your travel within your ideal zone, which aims to preserve your physical energy or power chair battery life. Whatever path you choose, you can continually assess throughout the day how your travel is impacting you.

Navability is turning every wheelchair into a scout for information. Wherever you roam with Navability you will be defining the wheelchair friendliness for other users!

Pilots spearhead accessible mapping

Leading the way for many

If a wheelchair user can go there, practically everyone else can.  That is the underlying practical application and truth of Accessible Effort Maps.

Moving on wheels

Joining the ranks of  bikes, cars,  skateboards and more whose travels open up the world of great places to go

Maps that guide the broader community

People worldwide who need a wheelchair as well as people who are pushing strollers, using crutches and canes, walker,  frail health or lugging equipment and suitcases.

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We made it FREE, because we can’t do it without you

The more you roll, the better the maps

Navability map technology gets better the more you travel footpaths, trails, visit new places, go out and have a good time. We’re just getting started and have a list of great features to add. We want to involve you throughout the release of new features, so let’s map our cities together and make places accessible for everyone.

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Briometrix Tracker turn by turn

Turn by turn navigation with Briometrix Tracker

When you need turn-by-turn navigation, the best way to navigate is to pair your smartphone with the Brio Tracker. It offers you:

  • clear navigation towards your destination.
  • colours which indicate your effort.
  • light up notifications for easy reading.
  • weatherproof and shock proof hardware.
  • the ability to fit all wheelchairs.
  • a GPS beacon so you can share your location in real-time.
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How your data can create a better life for all.


Inform the planners

Data gathered from your Briometrix smartphones app and wearable device will assist in urban planning,  accessible tourism,  transport and many other planning reviews that help create more livable cities.

Create routes for others

Build confidence and share your favourite places,
around your city and best escapes. By allowing others to view your travels everyone can experience the joy of going somewhere new.


Help future innovation

Never before have the lives of wheelchair community been known.  With these insights new products, program and innovation will leap forward to improve everyday life.

Your privacy is utmost importance, please read our Privacy Policy and Guide “Protecting your data when using Briometrix” READ MORE