What we do – our products and services

Our products, services and research projects encircle the needs of wheelchair users – their health and fitness, and their mobility.


  • Brio Data Recorder: A high-tech sensing device that gathers and analyzes enmvironmental information such as gradient, crossfall and surface roughness, as well as 30+ parameters measuring the wheelchair user’s propulsive effort. The device’s main purpose is currently for gathering pathway network data and feeding our healthcare research projects.
  • Brio GO App: A smartphone app that detects a subset of the Brio Data Recorder measurements, and is used by wheelchair pilots for their exercise and fitness programs.
  • Effort-based Mobility Maps: Colour-coded maps that show travellers what level of effort is required to traverse the path ahead. These maps are delivered in real-time via the internet and can be found in mobile apps, local government and travel websites. The maps also enable effort-based routing for specialised direction-finding for people with limited mobility.

Mapping and Analytic Services:

  • Brio Cities: Creating Effort-based Mobility Maps for local government authorities, and assessing footpath features and characteristics to identify issues that require rectification to minimise pedestrian risk.
  • Brio Parks: Creating Effort-based Mobility Maps for Local and National Parks authorities. Wheelchair users are no longer limited to flat concrete pathways. Parks need to provide Mobility Maps that indicate effort levels so that visitors of all capabilities can judge for themselves whether to attenpt a particular route.
  • Brio Network: Transport authorities recognise the need to establish fully connected networks across all viable transport modes. This connectivity can be published in Brio Mobility Maps, including outdoor pathways and transition points as well as internal patyhways from station platform to elevator, to facilities and exits.


Our current research projects include tools to support Spinal Cord Injury units in hospitals and clinical practices, enabling clinicians to manage health and fitness regimes for multiple clients.