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Cities and Towns

Cities and Towns

From high-rise CBDs to regional municipalities, communities can harvest more value from their existing pathway infrastructure increasing awareness of what’s available.

In Australia and the USA, cities and towns are activating public wayfinding through Briometrix effort-based Mobility Maps.

Woman and dog in wheelchair on gravel road

Parks & Nature Trails

Getting out and about in Nature is a great way to build healthier lives. National Parks should expand their vision of accessible trails beyond paved paths between carparks and lookouts.

With knowledge of what’s actually accessible, more visitors can enjoy our amazing parklands.

Train Station

Transport Networks

Active Travel is enabling citizens to leave the car at home and take a family day trip using public transport and pedestrian pathways for recreation, dining and entertainment.

Briometrix Mobility Maps show communities how to connect, making Active Travel journeys using the best available transport modes.

Briometrix Logo with borderBriometrix started out researching better wheelchairs for people with limited mobility. Our aim remains the pursuit of better life solutions for wheelchair users; along the way we have created an ecosystem of interlinked software, technology and serv ice solutions that help to achieve that goal and contribute to the health and wellbeing of all members of society.

Now we are able to provide a new context for footpath users – how easy will this route be for me? And we also help Cities and Towns, Transport Networks and National Parks to create and publish maps of better, more accessible, more connected pathway networks.

Find out more about our journey.

Families enjoying a shared seaside pathway
Families enjoying a shared seaside pathway

Activating Travel options for ALL

2020 has changed everything. We now value our freedom and the flexibility to travel where and when we want, more than ever before.

Our footpaths now carry 500% more pedestrians, including parents with strollers, kids on scooters, skates, skateboards, cyclists, walkers, joggers, e-scooters, dog-exercisers, elders on mobility scooters and wheelchair users.

Identifying routes that enable everyone to get to their respective destinations is essential, and it doesn’t mean just spending more money on pathways. It means identifying existing pathways that are fit for purpose – the routes may not be the shortest – but they are viable for all Active Travellers, whatever their mobility.

Legacy Mobility Maps show accessible facilities without connectivity
Legacy Mobility Maps show accessible facilities without connectivity

Islands of Accessibility

Legacy Mobility Maps: Once upon a time, Mobility Maps were filled with icons showing accessible toilets, accessible carspots and maybe some accessible cafes.

But these maps merely highlight islands of accessibility, and dont account for the viability of the pathway leading to each location.

Consequently, old-style mobility maps served only to illustrate places that people could go, if they had a car. And the map documents, created as brochures or downloadable PDF files, were often out of date as soon as they were published – and have not been updated for many years since.

Briometrix has changed all that.

Briometrix Effort-Based Mobility Map: South Bank, Brisbane QLD, AU
Effort-based Mobility Map: South Bank, Brisbane QLD

Accessibility and Connectivity: Next-gen Mobility Maps

The Briometrix Revolution: Our mobility maps show how accessible the footpaths are, connecting places of interest, facilities, accessible parking, taxi ranks and tram stops, end even tracking through railway stations right to your departure platform.

Briometrix Mobility Maps are created by local wheelchair pilots with knowledge and lived experience, and include:

  • Colour codes to indicate effort level needed to travers a route
  • Footpath slope, cross slope, kerb ramps, controlled & uncontrolled crossings and accessible building entries.
  • Locations of attractions, accessible parking, accessible toilets, transport hubs, ramps and lifts for accessible tourism
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“Briometrix cost effective technology is going to be embraced by innovative councils keen to gain deeper insights into city inclusiveness and drive accessible tourism. Their engagement of wheelchair community ensures validity and trust”

Ross Duncan, Executive Manager Member Services - Spinal Life Australia


“New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest annual celebrations in the world. It’s so important that everyone gets the chance to come into the city and experience it, and that’s what this new colour coded Navability Effort mapping service will help to enable. We’re committed to making Sydney inclusive and accessible for residents and visitors from around the world”

Lord Mayor, Clover Moore - City of Sydney


“Brio Maps takes the guess work out of planning a holiday or whether a family can travel to an event. That planning can be applied to people with disabilities, the accessible tourism industry, initiatives by small business to attract more tourism dollar.”

Jason Watts, Access and Inclusion Mgr. - Greater Shepparton

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