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Mobility Mapping Services

Our mapping services create Effort-based Mobility Maps, helping cities and towns, greenways and parklands and transport networks to connect their islands of accessibility, showing people how to travel actively.

Briometrix Mobility Maps help communities to recover from COVID through more healthy exercise, generating greater economic activity and sustainably combating climate change through Active Travel.

Mobility Mapping Services

Fitness & Health Tracking

Briometrix is creating mobile solutions for wheelchair users and their clinicians, to better understand fitness and skill levels, mitigating the risk of injury, translating into huge savings in healthcare and better life outcomes.

Clinicians will have a new array of rehabilitation performance measures, and with better collaboration, there is scope for significant advances in treatment programs – for faster and more long-lasting rehabilitation.

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What is an Effort-based Mobility Map?

Effort-based Mobility Map
Effort-based Mobility Map of Brisbane, QLD. (Department of Transport and Main Roads)

Effort-based Mobility Maps display colour-coded footpath networks, indicating the degree of difficulty for a person in a wheelchair to traverse the pathway. The coloured networks show how well transport hubs connect with destinations. See QLD Transport & Main Roads Inclusive Mapping Pilot project.

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Some of our Customers


“Briometrix cost effective technology is going to be embraced by innovative councils keen to gain deeper insights into city inclusiveness and drive accessible tourism. Their engagement of wheelchair community ensures validity and trust”

Ross Duncan, Executive Manager Member Services - Spinal Life Australia


“New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest annual celebrations in the world. It’s so important that everyone gets the chance to come into the city and experience it, and that’s what this new colour coded Navability Effort mapping service will help to enable. We’re committed to making Sydney inclusive and accessible for residents and visitors from around the world”

Lord Mayor, Clover Moore - City of Sydney


“Brio Maps takes the guess work out of planning a holiday or whether a family can travel to an event. That planning can be applied to people with disabilities, the accessible tourism industry, initiatives by small business to attract more tourism dollar.”

Jason Watts, Access and Inclusion Mgr. - Greater Shepparton