Comprehensive footpath data service for cities

We offer a comprehensive footpath data service for Cities, Transport Networks,
Events, Tourism, Parklands and Trails.

We equip and train local wheelchair pilots with our wheelchair mounted footpath assessment technology. The pilots conduct Footpath and Accessibility surveys of footpath conditions, potential barriers, and accessible points of interest and the journey effort .

Our solution meets accessibility standards, universal and easily communicated across multiple platforms & stakeholders.

Mobility Map Demonstration

Brio Effort Maps : making accessibility visible

Bird’s eye view of city connectivity and the user’s journey. The datasets provide

  • Colour codes to indicate footpath effort level
  • Footpath slope, cross slope, kerb ramps, controlled & uncontrolled crossings, accessible building entry
  • Locations of attractions, accessible parking, accessible toilets, transport hubs, ramps and lifts for accessible tourism
  • Created by local pilots with knowledge and lived experience

Brio Effort maps work together with footpath assessment maps to make your footpath network visible.

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Footpath Assessment Map : tracking the nature and severity of footpath defects

Start with essential measures
Surface type, surface condition, kerb ramps, crossings, trip hazards, path slope, cross slope, pathway clearance, obstacles, building entry access

Visually inspect your footpath status
Data views let you find the critical repairs and the most impactful capital work.  Access continuous images and videos

Supports Expenditure decisions
Prioritise maintenance & compliance Forecasting model to support decision making

Optional data layers
Transport hubs, ‘first and last mile’, shade analysis.  Add previous and future datasets to analyse changes over time

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“Briometrix cost effective technology is going to be embraced by innovative councils keen to gain deeper insights into city inclusiveness and drive accessible tourism. Their engagement of wheelchair community ensures validity and trust”

Ross Duncan, Executive Manager Member Services - Spinal Life Australia


“New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest annual celebrations in the world. It’s so important that everyone gets the chance to come into the city and experience it, and that’s what this new colour coded Navability Effort mapping service will help to enable. We’re committed to making Sydney inclusive and accessible for residents and visitors from around the world”

Lord Mayor, Clover Moore - City of Sydney


“Brio Maps takes the guess work out of planning a holiday or whether a family can travel to an event. That planning can be applied to people with disabilities, the accessible tourism industry, initiatives by small business to attract more tourism dollar.”

Jason Watts, Access and Inclusion Mgr. - Greater Shepparton


Brio turns every wheelchair into a scout for information. Our data translates into accessible maps that provide access for all, and for the future design of more inclusive and lively cities