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Briometrix IconThe founders were designing a new wheelchair when they recognised that the wheelchair community had been bypassed by developments in mobile-based navigation and fitness applications.

These applications are integral to the daily lives of able bodied people, saving billions of dollars in healthcare costs and driving change at all levels of government, business and community.

So our team developed a new solution to measure movement in the complex biomechanical system that is a person propelling a wheelchair. They soon found that to be viable, their solution also needed to address the physical environment through which the wheelchair user moved. So Briometrix has resolved to focus on both Urban and Personal Mobility  – on the basis that “if you can’t go out, you can’t get fit.

We consider wheelchair users to be lead users of footpaths, as they place much greater demands on navigation and fitness applications  than do able-bodied users. So it follows naturally that the most demanding users should be those whom create the mobility maps, so that everyone who relies on those maps receives the benefits of their most demanding users.

Our team has been working with rehabilitation therapists, city and transport managers, sports physiologists and access consultants, to create an ecosystem for the wheelchair community and those who serve it.


is Italian for
enthusiasm, gusto & vitality


keep discovering
go for the big goals
empower each other
embrace our differences

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Leadership Team

Natalie Verdon
Founder & CEO
Eckhard Kemmerer
Founder & Head of Product
Scott Clifton
Head of Technology
Andy Brown
Founder, USA Sales
Robert Christie
Sales & Marketing

Thank You

We gratefully acknowledge the invaluable support of our wheelchair pilots, advisors and mentors, sports teams and para coaches, physio and occupational therapists, access and inclusion & city councils, transport planners and the many professionals working in the wheelchair community.